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Restored Auckland villa

Restored Auckland villa

Some of the most beautiful homes in the city are the fabulous Auckland villa renovations. When they are restored properly, they look fantastic. Many of these classic old buildings have not been maintained and fallen into disrepair. Others are simply looking for some TLC to bring them up-to-date and into the 21st century. Whichever, situation your villa falls in, at Repair and Restore, we can help you. As one of the best house building companies in the region, according to our clients, one of our specialities is renovating Auckland villas. We have worked on villas and bungalows all around Auckland in the central suburbs like Mt Eden, Grey Lynn, Remuera, Ponsonby and Parnell.

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Many builders try to renovate these old homes but these are not ordinary house building or renovation jobs. It takes different skills and a level of understanding to bring them up-to-date while keeping the elegance and charm that they can deliver when restored properly. Our experience has given us these skills and this is one of the reasons we have been so successful in renovating Auckland villas. Our workers are highly skilled to appreciate the original features but are trained to work with modern materials and appliances to bring the best of the old and the new together.

Some clients, like the McCarthy’s, see below, were living in their old villa and wanted to modernise it while retaining the charm and elegance of the old building. Due to our meticulous planning process and constant communication with our clients, we were able to renovate the villa and keep the utilities, like the bathroom, functioning so they could still live in their home. This saved them a huge amount of extra money from renting somewhere or living in a hotel for a while. Now they have a fantastic modernised villa in Mt Eden.

Auckland villa renovations“Being a project manager in both commercial and residential property and an ex-builder, I had very high expectations for the renovations to our property. I had very high expectations for the renovations to our property. Mat surpassed my expectations. He worked within our target budget and assisted with managing all trades associated with the onsite works.” – Greg and Ginny McCarthy, Mt Eden, Auckland


In other villa restoration jobs, the old building was in very poor condition with no inhabitants. These jobs are easier since we don’t have to work around the family living in the house. Licensed Building Practitioner

Repair and Restore are registered Master Builders and Licensed Building Practitioners. Being a Master Builder means we have to maintain the highest standards so that you are covered by the Association’s comprehensive guarantee (apply to MBA for details). And as Licensed Building Practitioners our staff have to be trained and certified every year. So both of these accreditations give you the confidence that you are hiring among the best and most reliable villa restoration specialists in Auckland.

Villa renovations

If you have an old bungalow or villa that needs some renovation or restoring, give me a call 09-236 0080 or send me an email and I will come and have a chat with you about how you can add real value to your old home.



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