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Why Specialist Restoration Experts – Ponsonby Villa Renovations Builders?

It is an exciting time when you buy an old Ponsonby villa. You image renovating the building to turn it into a fabulous looking home and hopefully it can also turn out to be a successful investment. However for many people that honeymoon period only lasts until they discover how much work will have to go into it to making the villa that dream home.

Besides the design and consent process which itself is challenging to say the least, the actual building and renovation is a huge task. It is not like a painting and decorating a room. You have to consider the foundations, any changes to the walls and structure, gibbing the new wall frames, the kitchen and bathroom installation, doing the plumbing and electrical work before you finally get to the decorating. It is a big enough task for a seasoned Ponsonby villa renovation builder like Repair and Restore, but for a keen amateur, however experienced they might be, it is a massive undertaking. This is especially so if they can only work on the job at weekends and evenings. A professional builder might take five or six months to complete a job. Imagine how long it will take you not to mention the pressure on your family.

So the first reason to hire a villa restoration builder is the time factor.

Finding And Managing Villa Renovation Trades

Another major consideration is the surprisingly large number of different types of contractor your will need to carry out a full villa renovation. It is not uncommon to need 15 or more different types of trade. Arranging for all of those to be on site at the right time is a huge task in itself. It’s hard enough for an experienced building and construction manager but for an amateur trying to organise all of that in their spare time is daunting to say the least. And of course, before any of that, you have to identify the various suppliers from the dozens of potential trades people. Then you need to get quotes and arrange contracts with all of them.  A proper villa renovation builder will already have their preferred suppliers who they know and trust. The builder will also know how much to pay for their services and they will also know which company to have on site to co-ordinate with the other workers.

Standard Of Finished Work In A Villa Renovation

The third reason is the level of professionalism put into renovating the old villa to make it a comfortable place that you can call home. Even the best keen handyman or DIY-er does not have the same skill combined with the speed of a person doing the job every day. They simply do not have the time to hone their skills.

So if you want to maximise the value of your villa, you must have a top-notch job which is usually outside the skill level of a keen DIY-er because the finishing touches lack finesse. Bear in mind that the old villa has some unique structural features which require specialist building techniques and skills that most people and even other builders lack. So, why risk damaging the charm that made you fall in love with it and buy the villa in the first place? Given the challenges of old properties compared to newer ones, it is better to find a specialist villa renovation builder like us, rather than one of the many first-rate builders who work on new homes and renovation jobs. A full-time, highly experienced, villa renovation builder is the best answer.

Health and Safety on Villa Renovation Jobs

The new H&S regulations put the onus on the home owner to provide suitable working conditions and assume the liability for any injury. One of the requirements of being a Master Builder, which we are, is that we carry the necessary insurance cover so that we are liable for any damages to the house and the workers. This removes a big headache for many people.

Summing Up Ponsonby Villa Renovations

The dream of a fabulous villa can rapidly evaporate as the stark reality of the huge renovation job emerges. The fastest and most cost-effective way to get a first-class renovation on a villa is to hire a specialist villa renovations builder.  We want you to be satisfied, not just for the quality of the work, but also that we finish on time and to budget unless agreed during the renovation project due to major changes on your part.

So for your peace of mind and a fruitful villa renovation in Ponsonby, please give me a call and I will give you honest advice on the extent of your project.


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