Mt Eden villa renovation

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Getting Best Value From a Mt Eden Villa Renovation

Mt Eden villa renovation

A completed villa renovation

When it comes to Mt Eden villa renovation, or anywhere else for that matter, you need to be clear about your goals with the project otherwise you can end-up spending more than you intended, or you may not be satisfied with the result. We have seen many people trying to change the project part-way through which simply adds more cost and usually takes more time. Both of these factors cause far more stress for clients during the project renovation. Therefore we strongly encourage people to come up with a sound and relatively fixed project plan.

What do you want from a Mt Eden villa renovation?

The answer to that question depends on the amount of work and expense you want to go to.

Simply painting a villa whether internally or externally, can do wonders. It can light up a room or give the villa a completely new look from the outside. However, if you want to create more space, upgrade your old kitchen or achieve the indoor-outdoor flow that many people want these days, then you are looking at a much bigger project.

In our experience, the villas in Mt Eden that have the best capital growth, are the ones that undertake a full-on renovation to bring the home up-to-date and take advantage of new heating technologies, have the latest kitchen appliances and the most luxurious bathrooms.

What projects to include in a villa renovation?

The best approach is to look at the villa renovation as a whole integrated project rather than a number of separate smaller projects. Typically though, people will want to upgrade the bathroom, kitchen, and living areas. Modern designs tend to go for open-plan kitchen and living areas as this gives a feeling of more space.

That open-plan room, then often leads to incorporating outdoor decks spaces or even out-door living areas to create a seem-less flow from the kitchen, living-room and the outdoor entertainment area.

Some people will want to create a great foot-print by extending part of the house but this does require a considerable amount of additional work. You will have to get detailed architects drawing s and planning consent from Auckland Council. This in itself adds a significant extra cost and time to the overall project.

Another facet in a top-class villa renovation is the treatment of the floors. Whether you want polished wood, comfy carpet or ultra-modern polished concrete finishes, flooring can make a huge difference to the finished renovation.

Which renovation jobs add the most value?

The answer to this depends on the current state of the villa and also the precise area that you house is in. However, in general terms, a new kitchen will add the most value followed by bathroom upgrades. However, often good landscaping will add quite a lot of value. We usually suggest including a modern landscaping element as part of the whole renovation project. That way you can match the look and feel of both the villa and its surroundings.

Another key factor in increasing the value of your villa is the quality of the work. There are many other builders in Auckland but we do pride ourselves on the standard of our finished workmanship. This video testimonial from the renowned chef, Tony Astle, is typical of the kind words our clients give us.

Managing the villa renovation project

Many people fancy the idea of renovating their villa. That gold old Kiwi DIY approach but it is a huge task to undertake especially if you have a family and are also working. Finding the time is really difficult.

Other people decide to hire trades people and to manage the project themselves. This seems like a good idea but again, managing up to 20 different trades can be a huge and highly stressful task. It’s hard enough for us professionals, but for the average person, it can become a logistical nightmare. Imagine if you have arranged for one person to come but the previous trade is still working on their part of the job.

And of course, this assumes you have the time and knowledge to find and then select the most suitable trades companies. If you have 20 trades, interviewing three potentials contractors, assessing their quotes and then handling all of the separate contracts, schedules and costs. It soon becomes a massive task. You also have to find and select the building supplies, the appliances and all of the decorating materials.

Summary – villa renovation in Mt Eden

These days, villa renovation is a type of investment if it is done well. But bearing in mind that good renovation can cost a lot of money, it is all too easy to over-capitalise and not enjoy the financial returns you were expecting.

At Repair and Restore, we don’t want you to go over budget or have to wait to get back into your new Mt Eden villa renovation as soon possible. So if you ask for changes along the way, we will point out the effect these will have on your costs and time schedule.

For more info about your villa renovation, call me 021 285 1445.

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