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Major Mt Eden House Renovations Are Better Entrusted To Specialist Building Companies

You may feel that your home has outlived its usefulness in its current format and that you need to make some changes. These changes may be forced on you because you have an expanding family, maybe teenagers who want their own rooms, elderly parents who have moved in with you, or just because you feel you need some more space to live and entertain in. All of these are significant refurbishment projects which, to get the best standard, will need the services of a specialist Mt Eden house renovations company.

Major renovations mean adding rooms, either horizontally or vertically. Other major changes that are quite often considered after your home has been lived in for some time, is a more modern kitchen, better facilities in bathrooms, loft conversions to add space, building extra garages, converting the basement in to a home theatre or games room, adding a conservatory or deck, or any other changes that the family desires.

In the first place, you will have to decide whether you can afford to make these changes, by dipping into savings, taking a second mortgage, or other means of financing the project. You will then have to find and interview respected house renovations companies who can undertake such a large job.

You will also need to ensure that you have the right building consents or permits to carry out any work. This link is for the Auckland Council building consent page.  A qualified Master Builder can be of enormous help, as they will be conversant with all the regulations and be able to guide you on what you have to do.  Even after consent has been granted, we can advise you if any changes you want will be acceptable under your current permit or whether it will be a breach of that consent which will delay the project and cost you a lot more money.

A great advantage with asking a house renovation building company to do all your major renovation work is that you can then just sit back and allow them to do all the work. You do not have to worry about buying materials, ensuring the different trades arrive when they are supposed to, that people are not standing round idle, cleaning up debris, and of course your DIY skills will not be tested to the extreme.

If you decide to try to manage the project yourself by hiring the various tradesmen to carry out each part of the work, you have to interview two or three companies in each category and this alone will take you many hours. Plus of course, you don’t really know how good they are at carrying out their job. You will have to constantly supervise and coordinate between each of them which can be very onerous and time-consuming. Most tradesmen will also ask you to buy materials and this can be an additional headache.

However, if you hire a single building company to do the complete job, none of these problems will directly affect you. The builder will have their own preferred tradespeople that they know and trust, they will handle the scheduling of workers, and they will source the materials as they are needed. This leaves you with just a single point of contact making your life a lot easier.

Before you decide on a house renovation do make a complete list of everything that you want done. This will allow the builder to give you much better quotes for both time and money. If you change your mind part way through the project, this will delay the schedule and usually costs more money too.

We have worked on many large scale house renovations in Auckland including the Mt Eden area. So please feel free to give me a call on 021 285 1445 for a no obligation chat about your renovation project.

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