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The process for villa renovations in Auckland

At Repair and Restore we are very proud of our record of top-quality villa renovations in Auckland. We have carried out villa renovations in many suburbs ranging from St Heliers in the east through Parnell to Grey Lynn and south to Mt Eden.  One of the reasons we have generated such a good reputation is the way we work with our customers on various Auckland villa renovation projects.

Below I outline our villa renovation process so you can get some idea of the attention to detail we follow to ensure that you get the best outcome from your renovation or villa restoration project.

Initial contact

Parnell home renovations

Bathroom in a villa renovation

We receive enquiries from a range of different methods including word-of-mouth referral, website enquiries, and a range of other sources. Our initial contact with you will be a phone call from me in response to your enquiry.

During this call I will ask you a few questions so I can get an idea of the type of renovation you are looking at, how big the project is, for example: –

  • are you looking to add a bedroom?
  • do you want to create more open-plan living space?
  • is it just a bathroom or kitchen renovation?

From this brief chat, I can then give you a quick response if it is the type of renovation job that we are best suited to carry out for you.

As a broad guide, we carry out small-scale villa restorations tasks like character window or weatherboard replacement right up to major villa renovation projects to add modern appliances and add large-scale home extensions to your villa.

Specialist villa restoration projects

We are one of the few villa renovations building companies in Auckland that can carry out manufacturing of one-off and replica fret work and finishing details. These help to retain the authentic villa character rather than compromise with modern material which lack the authenticity that many Auckland bungalow and villa owners are looking for.

Getting to know you and me

renovation builders AucklandAssuming we think there is a good fit, we will make an appointment to come to see you so that we can look in detail at your planned villa renovations. The aim of this meeting is to get a deeper understanding of what you want to get from your renovation job so I recommend that you bring a wish-list of the work you want, some examples you have seen from magazines, a few photos of the villa, and anything else you think might be relevant.

Each family has different desired results which sometimes are not going to be feasible within the budget set aside.  From my years of building, and villa renovation experience, I can guide you through your wish-list and suggest ball-park costs or which items are not going to fit.  I can also make suggestions based on my experience as a villa renovations specialist from other projects I have worked on.

Another benefit of meeting like this is so that we can begin to get to know each other. A major villa renovation job will take weeks of work and during that period, we will spend a lot time together so it is important that we can see from an early stage if we will get on. A big renovation is a stressful time so I have found it useful for both parties if we can communicate clearly and openly.

Meeting at the villa renovation site

The only way to get a real feel for your renovation project is for me to come out to your site. Here I can see the lay of the land in terms of both the planning requirements, and more importantly, any potential problems we might have during the actual construction phase. For example, are there access issues to consider?

Many people don’t have a hard-and-fast design at this stage, but by visiting the site, I can see what you could achieve. This enables me to suggest designers or architects who would be perfect to work on your particular project. As in all walks in life, designers and architects have their own areas of specialism and I have worked with many over the years and come to recognise who is suited to different styles, locations, and client preferences. This means that you don’t have to waste lots of time looking for a villa designer but I can suggest the one best suited to your renovation project.

Establishing the base line

We strongly recommend that the next stage is to bring in a Building Surveyor. They will give you independent advice on the current state of your villa. This will highlight any major issues such as foundations, that will require special attention. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that we are not going to ramp up the job for our benefit.

Initial design concept

While you may have some broad ideas in your mind, it is only when both you and I can see them on paper that we can really begin to get a strong feel for your dream home.  It is far easier and will cost you far less to make changes at this stage than after we have started the building and renovation process. We have all heard stories of renovation projects going way over budget, and taking much longer than expected. The usual cause for this is that the client changed their mind part way through the build.

At this stage I can also give you an estimate of the villa renovation building costs based on the current average rebuild costs. You can then get a better idea of what you can afford, what is a must-have, and what parts of the initial scope can be excluded. Again, this makes for a much happier outcome at the end of the whole project.

Finished drawings and quotation for the villa renovations

Auckland villa renovations

Villa after renovations

The architect or designer will now go away and make the actual blue-print drawings. These will include all the aspects we agreed during the design concept discussion process.

The drawings will be given to you to sign off or to make any final amendments. At this stage, the drawings will also be sent to Auckland Council for Building Consent or Resource Consent if it is necessary. Some villa renovation projects don’t need consent but most do have to go through the consent process.

While the Council is reviewing your project, I will be preparing the final quotation for the building works. The quotation will not only show the costs involved but will also include a time schedule for the various stages of the whole project.

We endeavour to finish renovation projects within our estimated time and usually achieve this unless something significant happens along the way. Most often, this is the client making changes to the plans after we have started the renovation construction work.

Finally, the villa renovation works begin

Once we get Council’s Consents, you can sign-off the quotation, and the finished drawings. Now my team of villa renovation specialist builders can begin the construction works. We will give you a confirmed start date well in advance so you can make any necessary arrangements about your accommodation.

Some families can live through the renovation works while others prefer to move to temporary accommodation.

Progress reports

I said earlier that good communication is vital to a successful and happy villa renovation project and a major part of that is for me to give you regular progress reports.

We will have regular meetings on site so you can see what has been accomplished to-date, and we can discuss the next stages of the project. We can also go over any issues that have occurred and their impact on the overall renovation project.

If you are not able to make a site visit, we can provide you with photo updates plus copies of the progress building inspections carried out by the Council.

Completion of your villa renovation

Auckland villa renovation builder

Justin and Hayley Mowday

The part we all want to see – a successful completion of your villa renovation.

We will walk round the home together so you can see that all the work has been carried out to the specifications we agreed. The final payments will be completed and we will also give your home a professional final clean so you can move into a pristine new home.

The next step

At Repair and Restore, we are villa renovations builders at heart and love working on villa renovations as they give us a challenge to incorporate modern styles and construction techniques while retaining the elegance and feel of the old villa or bungalow. Over the years, we have built a great reputation – see the video testimonial below – for these restoration projects so if you have an Auckland villa renovation in mind, please call me on 021 285 1445 for a chat about your project.


Mat Staples

Auckland villa renovations testimonial

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