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Top Reasons To Hire A Qualified Herne Bay Villa Renovations Builder

The old villas of Herne Bay and Auckland in general offer an incredible amount of character. It is easy to fall in love with these lovely old homes. They have so much elegance and charm. Unfortunately, however, these types of villas often require extensive renovations in order to bring them up to the standards we expect in the 21st Century.

Given the current market conditions and the standards expected by home owners in Herne Bay, it is important to always hire a professional builder to handle any renovations on your villa. If you try to take on renovations yourself, chances are you will do more harm than good. Oftentimes, working on older buildings like this requires specialised skills and tools that you may not have access to. It makes far more sense to hire someone else to do the renovations instead.

High quality, well-trained villa renovation builders

The best Herne Bay villa renovations builders like Repair and Restore employ trained and skilled carpenters and other trades people. Our staff have undergone professional training and also gained experience working with some of the best builders in Auckland. We are Master Builders and also Licensed Building Practitioners which means that our staff has to undertake ongoing training to retain their certification.

This external accreditation means our skills are always among the best so that we can get your job done right in a timely manner, on budget.

Tony Astle’s testimonial for Repair and Restore on villa renovations

DIY versus villa renovations builders

Major renovations on older houses like these old villas and bungalows are very time-consuming even with expert and specialist villa renovation builders. However, professionals will typically get the job done much faster than you could on your own. In fact, many homeowners who make the mistake of taking on villa renovation projects themselves find that they wind up spending years of their time working on the house. In many cases, they even end up leaving the job incomplete because they run out of money or enthusiasm. By bringing in qualified villa renovation specialists to do the project, you can ensure that it gets done as quickly as possible and that all of the work is done correctly.

No matter how good you are at doing renovations, chances are there is always room for improvement. By hiring someone who has years of experience and training working within the renovation field, any repairs or renovations generally will end up far better than they would if you tried to do them on your own.

Additionally, when you do the work yourself, you may feel rushed to try to complete it within a specific timeframe. This can lead to mistakes by causing you to hurry through the project rather than giving it the attention that it deserves. Unfortunately, any renovations that are done incorrectly or to a lower standard can be very costly in terms of the overall value of your home. This is particularly true in older homes where any renovations that are done need to enhance the historic charm rather than detract from it. A professional carpenter will have the skills necessary to do the work correctly while maintaining the original character of the home.

Project management versus a villa renovation builder

Another option some people consider is to project manage the villa renovation themselves but hiring the various trades services. The thinking behind this is that it will eliminate the profit and some costs of the building contractor.  However it is important to consider the difference between cost and expense.

Certainly there will be a lower expense by eliminating the builder’s margins etc but the cost for this can be huge in terms of your own time and definitely your stress levels.

You have to make sure that each trades service is lined up to arrive when they are needed in relation to the other services. So for example, you don’t want to book your plumber while the foundation or framing work is still being done. Managing one provider can be a challenge but having to manage up to 20 different companies is extremely difficult and stressful.

Summary of the benefits of hiring a Herne Bay villa renovations builder

Investing in an old, un-renovated Grey Lynn villa can be a wonderful opportunity. Unfortunately, however, many homeowners are unprepared for the amount of work that needs to be done on these older homes to get them into great shape again. Rather than being tempted to do the work on your own, or to project manage the renovation, you should consider hiring a qualified villa renovations builder. A qualified builder will be able to get the repairs done quickly without detracting from the original charm and character of the home. In the end, this will help create a warm and welcoming place for you to call home. More importantly, it will also help your home gains value and make it easier to sell it in the future.

For a no obligation consultation, call me on 021 285 1445 and I will give you a fair and realistic assessment of your villa renovation project.

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