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Epsom Villa Renovations – a Challenge, But Worth It

villa renovations Parnell

Villa renovations Parnell

The Victorian villas of Auckland’s inner suburbs like Epsom, Herne Bay, Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Parnell, Ponsonby, Remuera, and St Heliers have a charm and lost elegance which can be brought back to life. However you will need the help of a specialist Epsom villa renovations builder to get the best results for your old property. This post reflects on some of the bigger issues you need to take into account when undertaking a villa renovation project.

If you work with a top-class villa renovations company, you can not only rejuvenate the old building but incorporate some of modern life’s conveniences and efficiencies. Some of the more common features that people look for in a villa renovation include a new kitchen coupled with open-plan living, energy efficient heating and cooling systems plus a new top-notch bathroom. All of this is feasible with great design, good planning and of course outstanding execution of the building project.

Villa Renovations Are Not Easy

Renovating an old Victoria villa or bungalow is not an easy task. There are the obvious issues of the sheer size of the project, installing new walls and a roof to match the style of the original super-structure. But then there are other more subtle issues for example a simple matter of combining the sizes and dimensions of the old materials which will be imperial dimensions and the modern metric sizes. All of these can be a headache for an inexperienced builder. This task must be approach with a lot of thought and planning and the work carried out, when all possible problems are foreseen and solutions found to get over them.

The Villa Renovation Process

You must get planning consent from Auckland Council before you start any construction work. However, this can take some time so you need to plan ahead. If you assume a time of six months and then work backwards, you should be OK.

Before you can submit your request to the Council you need the design and plans for your renovation project. You can handle this in one of two ways:-

  • You can go to an architect who will draw up the design and plans or
  • You can go to a specialist villa renovation builder who will be able to recommend a good designer for you.

The second option is often the better way to go because the builder will be able to give you guide prices before you set your heart on a grand design that you ultimately cannot afford. So talk to a specialist builder about villa renovations in your area.

Also, when you bring in a builder at the start rather than an architect, they will be able to tell you more details about the stability and general condition of your old villa or bungalow. For example, is the floor springing or sloping? This will tell the builder if there has been movement in the ground which will certainly add to the renovation costs for your villa. Again, this will give you a guide towards the overall cost and might determine whether you can add the flash bathroom or not.

Costs For Villa Renovations

It is better to know at an early stage the possible hidden costs rather than get hit with a big bill at the end or part-way through the building programme. That way you can include any hidden structural costs in your budget including any loan you might need to apply for.

Retain The Character After Your Villa Renovations

One of the main reasons people buy an old villa is because of the charm and elegance of these old homes. So to get the maximum enjoyment and on-sale value, it is imperative that you and your builder respect and retain that original charm while introducing all of the new amenities that you are looking for. This can only be achieved by a builder who is a villa renovations specialist. A builder of modern town houses which are almost kit-sets these days simply will not have the eye or the knowledge to bring your old villa back to its glory.

The Next Step For Your Epsom Villa Renovations

At Repair and Restore, we have worked on many Epsom villa renovations as well as Herne Bay, Grey Lynn, Mt Eden, Parnell, Ponsonby, Remuera, and St Heliers. We have received some great testimonials like the one below from Tony Astle of Antoine’s Restaurant. So please do give me a call for an estimate on your villa renovation project. I am more than happy to come to your site and give you some initial guide prices.

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